The San Felice Agricultural Cooperative was started in 1946 on the initiative of a group of olive growers in the namesake town of Valtenesi on the western banks of Lake Garda. It was known from the beginning as “La Verità” to underline the guarantee of transparency and genuineness of the product. Since then the main activity was the processing of the olives coming from the Garda morainic territory. The company today has more than 350 members and, for a precise choice, not one of the olives comes from any other territory other than the hills of Garda Bresciano; this is guaranteed by the application of rigid internal protocols with the collaboration fo the consortium of Tutela Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Garda DOP. The technological innovations in the mill, the continuous attention to the quality of the olives, the timesa and methods of harvesting, to the pressing in short times and to the analyses carried out immediately on each single batch of oil obtained, this makes a superior quality product, also certified by the protected designation of origin Garda Bresicano D.O.P. and able to satisfy the tastes of the more demanding consumers. Since 2001 a new wider and functional structure matched to a well-stocked outlet of typical local products welcomes visitors and tourists from all over Europe.
Frantoio Cooperativa Agricola San Felice del Benaco
Via delle Gere, 2
25010 San Felice del Benaco (Bs)
Tel. 0365.62341
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