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The territory

Lake Garda, also known as Benaco, is the largest mirror of fresh water in Italy. It is of glacial origin, found to the south of the Alps, on the borders of the provinces of Brescia, Verona and Trento.

The Mediterranean microclimate regulated by the presence of a large mass of water makes the cultivation of the olive possible, so much so as to define Garda as the last ramification of the Mediterranean in Europe.

The morainic hills formed by the long work of erosion and deposit of the glacier characterized by deep loose soil make this territory especially suitable to the cultivation of the olive and the production of an oil of undisputed quality, recognized now also at international level.
The introduction of the olive to the Gardesano territory is due to the ancient Romans. There are numerous historical accounts of the presence of the olive on the banks of Lake Garda left tous by poets such as Virgilio and Catullo.

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