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Extra virgin olive oil


It is the result of a rigid discipline of internal production. Only olives cultivated by members of the cooperative so rigorously orignating from the olive groves of the Brescia banks can be used for the production of this quality oil.
Main cultivar:   Casaliva , Frantoio, Leccino 
lesser cultivar: Pendolino, Miniol, Trepp, Baia, Regina del Garda, Gargnà, Mitria
system of harvest: mechanical / facilitated
method of extraction: continuous three cycle phase
characteristics: fruity light olive green. The smell sensations are of fresh grass and sweet almond. The taste is fine with decided notes of bitter and spicy balanced between them. The colour is bright yellow with evident green reflections.
use: if you recommend the use when raw and in gastronomic preparations for which an oil that accompanies without overpowering is required. It is matched to delicate tastes and dishes, starting with first courses with shellfish, fresh cheeses and medium maturing, dishes with a basis of lake or sea fish. Excellent condiment for raw and cooked vegetables.


Frantoio Cooperativa Agricola San Felice del Benaco
Via delle Gere, 2
25010 San Felice del Benaco (Bs)
Tel. 0365.62341