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DOP Oil Garda




The extra virgin olive oil Garda Dop represents the highest guarantee in terms of quality and origin of the oil. To be able to receive this denomination all the whole chain, from olive production in the field to packaging of the oil, must take place within the Gardesano territory and must observe a precise production discipline.

The denomination Garda Bresciano is reserved to the oil produced only with olives cultivated in the localities which face the Brescia side of Lake Garda and with olive varieties such as Gasaliva Frantoio and Leccino for at least 55%. Other varieties present in the olive groves can also compete in a quantity no higher than 45%.

From the point of view of quality the extra virgin oil with controlled denomination of origin Garda Bresciano D.O.P. must respond to the following characteristics:

colour: from green to yellow;
smell: fruity or light;
taste: fruity with slight sensation of bitter and spicy;
total maximum acidity expressed in oleic acid, in weight, no higher than 0.5 grams per 100 grams of oil;
Panel test score: >=7,00
number of peroxides:  <= 12 Meq02/kg;
oleic acid: >=74%
Only the oil that responds to these characteristics can obtain the Denomination and the stamp of guarantee, which when placed on each single package represents the highest certitude of conformity of the product and the working process for the consumer.


main cultivars:   Casaliva , Frantoio, Leccino
other lesser varieties: Pendolino, Miniol, Trep, Gargnà, Regina del Garda, Baia, Mitria

area of production: Brescia side of Lake Garda 

system of harvest: mechanical / facilitated

method of extraction: continuous three phase cycle

characteristics: fruity light olive green. The smell is elegant with sensation of grass, artichoke and dried fruit. At the beginning the taste is sweet with slight bitter sensations balanced with spicy with a clean almondy finale. To look at it is bright yellow with green reflections.

use: it should be used raw and in gastronomic preparations which require an oil which is not overpowering. To be coupled with delicate tastes and dishes, beginning with first courses with shellfish, fresh and medium matured cheese, dishes with a lake or sea fish basis. Excellent condiment for raw and cooked vegetables.



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