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The harvest

The harvest begins at the end of the month of October, when the olives reach the ideal degree of maturity which for the varieties present on the territory around the Brescia side of Garda corresponds to veraison, which is the toning of colour of the olive from green to black.

This can take place manually as was the tradition, or through the help of facilitating or mechanical equipment, rigorously never waiting for the natural fall from the plant.

The harvest represents a phase of the whole fundamental production cycle to ensure a healthy, superior quality product. The olives which reach the mill must be whole, without any damage or bruises and must above all be fresh.

Every olive-producing member has therefore a remarkably important role in the choice of times and methods of activation of this operation. It is necessary to detect the optimal moment of maturity for each single variety of olive and it is just as important that the fruit is worked as soon as possible to avoid the beginning of degenerating processes of the olives.

Once harvested, the olives are first cleaned of the leaves in the field, then placed in small pierced to be transported to the mill. The use of small rigid and pierced containers instead of the traditional jute sacks stops the olives being crushed which is provoked by the weight of those on top and at the same time thanks to the circulation of air possible fermentation phenomena which would cause a defect to the oil are avoided.

That is why the use of sacks is prohibited in the Cooperative.





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