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The by-products of processing

The oil is the main product of processing the olives, but the fruits of the olive are not only oil, from the process other products are extracted which if thrown away would constitute useless refuse. We are talking about the vegetable waters, from pomace and nut.

Respect for the environment and territory is an aspect that has never been undervalued for the San Felice Cooperative.
No product obtained from the process in the oil mill is thrown away.

The vegetable waters are first channelled into a collection tank and then used to fertilize the olive groves. Whereas the solid part of the olives, the pomace and the nut, is destined for the production of clean energy. Suitably separated by a special machine, the pomace fuels biodigestion installations for the production of electicity, while the nut becomes fuel for heating instead of the traditional pellets.




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